Kiki Kallira

This page is for my new series, which kicks off in 2021 with Kiki Kallira Breaks a Kingdom.

Behold, the Publishers Weekly announcement!


There’s not much more I can share about this series yet, but here’s what I can tell you:

This will be my first middle-grade series!

It’s #ownvoices.

Kiki, the protagonist of the series, is a smart, funny British-Indian girl who has been recently struggling with anxiety and OCD (though she doesn’t know that’s what they are yet) and uses her art to escape from the chaos inside her head.

Part of this escape is her invention of a fictional world inspired by the mythology and stories her mother told her, a world that was in turn inspired by my own history growing up in South India and the very specific mythologies of Karnataka.

But! A demon king, banished to a nowhere place, has broken into Kiki’s fictional world and made everything in it real. Like, real real. All her fictional characters? Real. All her fictional monsters? REAL. There’s a whole kingdom living and breathing inside her sketchbook, ruled by a monster, and only Kiki can stop him.

But can one anxious little girl really make a difference?

(Spoiler: YES!)